Friday, April 17, 2009

Author Spotlight- Michele Ashman Bell

So I'm skipping Thursday's Tidbits post and jumping right into the author spotlight for this week.

When I was perusing shelves for LDS authors before I sent in my first manuscript, I saw Michele's name. She, Anita Stansfield and Rachel Nunes are the women I remember seeing the most as I conducted my own informal market research, and I've been lucky enough to get to know all three of these talented ladies.

Michele has 21 published books to her credit, and those books include romances, young adult adventures, short stories and children's books. I've enjoyed her romance novels and my daughter loved her young adult books.

Michele is beautiful and gracious, and even though she is both of those things, I can't help but love her. I try to hate her but it doesn't work. She is one of the most genuinely nice people I've ever met. She also possesses amazing people skills--I've seen her charm people at book signings, and I always come away from time spent with her with lifted spirits and a smile.

All that aside, she's a really good storyteller, which is the point of this spotlight. Her most recent series is The Butterfly Box, of which the first book has been published (A Modest Proposal),and she's just finished writing the second. I have yet to read A Modest Proposal, which is sitting on my nightstand and waiting for a peaceful moment (ha!) this summer when I can read it and bask in the sun. It's one of those books I've been putting off because I want to enjoy it at my leisure. (Does that make sense? Am I the only one who does that?) I've enjoyed many of Michele's books, but I think my favorite this far is Finding Paradise.

Michele is the mother of three beautiful girls, a handsome son and she has a darling grandbaby. Her blog is here. Her website is here. I think she's the ultimate fun beach read, and since summer is coming... :-)


TRIBE'S said...

I love her and I hope her next book comes out soon, I can't wait!!

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

I agree. She's awesome!

Michele Ashman Bell said...

You darling, sweet lady! How fun to run across this post. I can't remember the last time anyone did anything so nice.
I seem to remember asking if I could interview you for my blog. Please let me return the favor and really give readers a treat. I would love to find out about your pathway to becoming an author.
You are one of my favorite people, Nancy. Thank you!