Thursday, April 9, 2009

Behind the scenes...

I was trying to think of a tidbit from my 2nd book, No Time for Love, when I remembered the most glaring change of all that I had to make.

In this book, my heroine is a private investigator who spends the bulk of her time following cheating husbands around and showing evidence of their infidelities to their wives, who hired her to do the following around in the first place. ORIGINALLY, she was hired by the wives to serve as BAIT, to see if the husbands would fall for it.

What was I thinking? I mean really, that's a bit edgy for my intended audience, and my publisher let me know it. I figured, hey, it gives the heroine that much more of a reason to be jaded, which was an integral part of her character at the beginning.

Well, with the rewrite, she still came off as jaded enough, and it worked.

That's me. LDS fiction's bad girl. ;-) (Oh, come on! Like we haven't all had stuff we've had to tone down at one point or another! No? Well don't I feel sheepish...)

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