Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Industry Info

Ok, so I'm going to morph two categories into one; I've realized that much of what I'd offer in terms of industry info is also in the form of links to sites and blogs that I find helpful, which is supposed to be Saturday's category. So Industry Info now includes blogs/websites/books and I'll think of something else for Saturday.

To begin, the mother of all industry helps in this business is, of course, Writer's Digest Magazine. I read this publication before I was published and still read it, religiously, to this day. The advice they offer runs the gamut from writing tips to agent searching to working with editors to the ever changing market--it's a treasure trove of info for the hungry author.

I was absolutely THRILLED one day, years ago, when I read an article on some kind of writing style, it escapes me now, but as I read I was thinking, "Hey! I already do that! Woohoo!" Now when I look back on some of my early books I kind of cringe, but even then I did manage to do a few things right.

One of the things I love about writing is how much I change and evolve as I go. I'm convinced that rarely is an author as good as s/he has the potential to be. It's why we keep trying to learn and get better and improve upon what we already know and do. I love that there's always more to learn. For me, that thought keeps it fresh and maybe I'll forever be chasing the dangling carrot, but at least it keeps me moving. Better that than to stagnate.

I read books on the writing craft voraciously. I can't get enough of them. Along with the trusty Writer's Digest, these books keep me continually searching and evaluating what I do. So given that, the book I should mention in this post as it's been my favorite, to date, and will likely always be, is Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird. Absolutely the mecca, for me, of writing advice. I love, love this book.

If you're looking to keep a finger on the pulse of your writing career, I'd start first with a subscription, (or monthly bookstore visit), to Writer's Digest. It's an excellent place to begin, if you haven't already.

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