Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ok, scrapping the schedule

I'm a Meyers/Briggs/Keirsey ENFP personality type, which basically means that I have issues with rules, regulations and too much routine.

Makes me sound really dependable, doesn't it.

And in light of the fact that I've not nearly done what I set out to do with this blog, I'm scrapping the rigid, (hey, for me, it's rigid), schedule and will post as often as possible about at least one of the things I was trying to do with that daily schedule.

Right now, I'm pushing to get my next book done, and between that and mothering, I find myself not giving the blog the attention it deserves. I'm hoping if I relax it a bit for myself, my posts will be better.

Lame, yes. And I suppose you might understand if you are also an ENFP. My dad is an ESTJ. Personality-wise, the only thing we have in common is the extrovert piece. He is duty-bound and dependable. I struggle to make it on time anywhere. It's not something I'm proud of. But given the fact that in the evolutionary scheme of things I do supposedly have the potential to learn and progress, (and trust me, there are days I wonder if I've evolved much past, say, plant life), I have to believe that by the time I'm 80, I'll be responsible, too.

At least, that's what I tell myself. ;-) My dad has hope.


mmm.chocolate said...

Hey! I'm an ENFP too (except my N and my S are pretty much equal so I'm not 100% sure on that one). And, Brian is a ENTJ. So . . . we pretty much just have the "E" in common too. Funny how that worked out. I don't know how anyone can possibly post every day. Most of the time I'm happy to get around to it once per week. You are doing great!

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Thank you, Amy! How funny that we're kindred spirits! :-)