Monday, May 25, 2009

Stephen King writes a lot

I just followed a link from Nathan Bransford's blog to a blog called The Book Page, where they have a quick write-up on Stephen King's new book, coming out this fall. You know, I may actually be able to read this one! His books usually scare the beejeebies out of me so much that I can't keep reading them. After checking out the premise of Under the Dome, I think I might brave it.

Reading about his page count reminds me of a review I read once about a Tom Clancy novel, where the reviewer said something along the lines of, "Tom Clancy again gives us a novel that weighs more than a laptop..." Stephen King's The Stand is one of those that's definitely in the heavier-than-a-laptop category, and it'd be fun to see Under the Dome become as well-loved. King is one of those dreaded genre authors, *sniff of disdain,* and he's prolific and beloved and talented and wealthy because of it and I love it. He's been one of the most vocal supporters of "popular fiction" and its value, despite the bad rap it usually gets, and I've appreciated that about him.

I love a good, weighty novel. I love that an author has so much to say. One of my favorite books ever, coincidentally also by Stephen King, On Writing, suggests that if you have a God-given talent to write and you aren't writing, what's your problem? He says something like, "What are you doing, knitting afghans?"

Hmm. It's a good question. I find myself often avoiding the computer. Writing is a hard thing to do. Many's the time I've stared at the screen, at that blasted blinking cursor, and wished someone would come along and tell me what happens next. And as I sat knitting the other night, Mr. King's comments came floating through my brain and I stared guiltily at the knitting needles, feeling like they were the devil.

Well, I've renewed my resolve to live a well-balanced life. There will be time to knit after I've written my word quota for the day. And can I get a massive woot-woot for the fact that school will soon be out and I'll have two teenage slaves at my disposal. Don't tell them, but I plan on putting them to work so I can get some things done.

And maybe, just maybe, before I die I'll be able to string so many words together that I'll produce a thousand-page novel. That'd be so, so cool.


bookpage said...

Thanks for the link to our blog! I grew up reading King and think that this new one sounds like his best in a while -- should we get galleys early we'll be sure to keep readers posted. :) Good luck with the writing this summer!

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Very cool! I look forward to seeing what you think. :-)

Nicole's crazy Blog said...

I love Stephen King. I have read just about everything he has written starting with Christine when I was about 14. His later books are not quite so scary, and literary masterpieces, in my humble, unbiased opinion. I have loved Lisey's Story and Just After Sunset lately. And classics are The Stand, The Talisman, and the scariest of all: Salems Lot with Pet Semetary as a close 2nd. I could write about The Master all day but I will refrain. I will, however, beg your audience when we are in Utah June 4-11. FB me and lets work out details, Cuz!

Shauna said...

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