Friday, August 21, 2009

BTS Night

Aw yeah. Back to School night for both my daughters. Mark went with Nina and I took Anna. (And Gunder. Doh.) We talked to teachers, noted the required supplies, walked the crowded halls and said hi to friends they haven't seen for three months. Part of me was excited for Anna, and the other part wanted to throw up. I really did like school, but the drama with friends and hoping people would like me and wanting to look perfect, etc etc came back with a vengeance.

In terms of Anna's classes, I found myself being excited for her. The geography teacher said she needs colored pencils because they do a lot of maps. Natch. Ok, I so would have been all over that. I have a weird affinity for both colored pencils and maps. The math teacher was really cool and I think it'll be a good match for my daughter, and the English teacher was one I would have loved having as a kid. And she has the kids write something every day!

They're writing every day!

I think this is one of the most valuable skills that helps students across the board. If you can read and write, success in multiple subjects is much more attainable than otherwise.

I'm reminded of the line in "You've Got Mail," where Tom Hanks tells Meg Ryan that he wants to buy "bouquets of sharpened pencils." Dork that I am, I love that. My favorite pencils ever are the Ticonderoga Tri Write. They are unbelievably sexy. Yes, I just said that about a pencil.

All things considered, as much as I will miss the freedom of summer, I am looking forward to reestablishing routine around here. I'm much more organized during the school year. Summer becomes a free-for-all.

To my sweet children, I wish you good luck and fabulous friends and good study habits. I hope that you'll learn many wonderful and useful things this year, and that your successes will be satisfying.

Better stop before I get all misty-eyed.


Josi said...

All but one of my kids is in a new school this year, so there is all kinds of buzzing fear about what it will be like. I didn't love colored pencils, maps, writing, reading, art, lockers or even lunch. I have never wished I were still there, and I shove my kids out the door and lock it behind them when the big day comes--but I DO love the new schedule that school brings into my life. I am pining for it about now.

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

You know, after one particularly dramatic and painful friend episode, my dad lent a sympathetic ear and then told me the best part of high school is graduation. I now repeat it to my high schooler. :-)

Jennie said...

What a mixed bag school was. Some teachers and classes were fantastic; others were so dorky. I'm glad I don't have to do it again. College was so much better. This year my oldest grandson is starting college (with four scholarships!), one is starting high school, one is starting junior high, and one is starting kindergarten. Four others are somewhere inbetween, but starting new grades.

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

How fun to see kids in all stages! School really is a mixed bag. I start the whole thing over again next fall with Gunder.