Wednesday, December 30, 2009


YES! My third book, A Time for the Heart, has come out of oblivion and is again in print! I'm so glad, because I really liked this story.

Covenant has reissued it, and it is available through Seagull, Deseret Book, and online. I'll be having a small blog tour- small because it is a re-release, after all- and a contest here.

This is the back blurb:
For Claire O'Brian, a bright and beautiful archaeologist, working at a newly discovered archaeological site in the wilds of Guatemala is her opportunity of a lifetime. Unfortunately, the dig is being funded by Darren Stark, her manipulative ex-boyfriend. And if that isn't enough, several rare artifacts have disappeared--and Claire suspects everyone. Enter "Bump" St. James, a handsome and capable private investigator. As Claire and Bump work together to unearth the mystery, their mutual attraction deepens. However, in a dramatic confrontation, Claire learns that Darren Stark will do anything to keep her from learning the truth about the missing artifacts. Anything.

Click here to to check it out at Amazon.

If you haven't read it, I hope you'll give it a try. :-)


Chantele said...

I loved this book! I'm glad it's in print again!:) I was wondering what you are working on next!? I have loved all of your books, especially Faith of our Fathers, and your newest Legend of the Jewel.

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Thank you, Chantele! I've slowed with my writing the last couple of years, but my baby's five now, so I'm getting back into a better rhythm. Should have books out more regularly, now!

Thanks again, so much!

Kath said...

That's awesome news! I LOVE this series, and this book was so much fun. I loved Claire and Bump!!