Thursday, January 28, 2010

January- yuck

As much as I try to begin each year with a sense of optimism and purpose, the January does its best to beat me down. I enjoy fresh starts, I like reevaluating and setting new goals, I enjoy everything that a new year is supposed to be about. So why is January so hard?

Is it as hard, I wonder, for people who live in sunny climes? I keep thinking maybe it's the weather where I live, and I suspect it may have a lot to do with that. I live on the mid-northern end of the Wasatch Front in Utah, and inversion is in full swing this time of year. (That means a blanket of cold air and crap is trapped in the valley and I'm ready to start wearing a SARS mask.)

I'm looking out my window and I see dirty snow. When it's winter, I want it to be either in the act of snowing or I want to see a beautifully deep blue sky with sparkling clean snow on the ground and in the trees. I don't demand much, do I?

Isn't that just like life, though? (Here comes the meaningful metaphor.) Things aren't always perfect, they don't always appear as we'd like them to. The trick is to find joy in the journey. So, against my better instincts, I'm going to list things I do like about January.

1. The house seems nice and simple after putting away all the red Christmas clutter.
2. As much as I enjoy having my kids at home, it's nice to get back into a routine when they go back to school.
3. I like the thought of planning for a new year that's full of fresh possibilities.
4. When it snows, it's beautiful.
5. Getting through it feels like an accomplishment.

Ok, that's a really lame list, but it's better than nothing. :-) And now, sitting here at the end of January, I have Valentines Day to look forward to, and then by the first part of March, I'm usually feeling pretty good.

Is it just me? I should ask my Florida relatives if they have January blahs. Well, wherever you are, I offer a big woohoo that we've survived January and I wish you good things to come from here on out. :-)


Jewels said...


Nancy Campbell Allen said...

So glad it's not just me!

Karlene said...

Not just you. I get like that too.

Courtney Price said...

The inversion makes me want to die. I do NOT miss it now that I'm in WA... I'll take the rain ANY DAY! But yeah, January stinks here too :)

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

I love WA for its rain! I do wonder if it would ever wear on me after a while, but the inversion here makes me want to run my head through a wall.

Kimberly Job said...

I think it's just all the build-up and hype of the holidays. After they are over, there is nothing immediate to look forward to.

GRAMEE said...

Nancy, I moved to Arizona 14 months ago. I used to live a few miles north of you..
I love the Arizona sunshine,
Last year it was all new so I was just happy to be in the warmth..

January has flown by this year..
We have had a week or so of cloudy rainy days.. but let me tell you I fell a huge difference. My attitude and mood is so different..
I love the Sunshine!!

I know a lot of people who have "SAD" lights to get them through.

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

I think you're all right. The holiday buildup is fun and then it's over, right in the middle of the winter doldrums.

I'm thinking I'll invest in a SAD light big enough to cover my whole street. :-)