Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Toyota, Black Mamba and The Pants!

I've been watching the news and reading the paper with interest. Here's some of what has stuck out to me lately:

*The suit that O.J. Simpson wore when he was acquitted is going to be offered to the Smithsonian. My sincere hope is that the Smithsonian will say, "No, thank you."

*Toyota is being raked over the coals, among other things, for failure to alert the public for possible problems with their cars. Now GM is doing a recall on cars that may not steer well when driving under 15 miles an hour. Presumably, this will make the most-accidents-happen-within-two-miles-from-home statistic skyrocket. I'm thinking I should invest in a tandem bicycle for my family of 5. Might make school carpooling a bit of a challenge...

*My kids' school district sent home a notice that "Black Mamba" is now being banned from the schools in spite of the fact that it's not a illegal substance. Yet. Supposedly it has the same properties as marijuana. Now, I may not be remembering correctly and I threw the paper out, but I believe it can be burned as incense. Methinks school attendance would triple if teachers were allowed to use this in the classroom. ;-)

*The Norwegian Curling team's pants. Oh, how I loved those pants! The daily Facebook updates were a joy. I am a solid one-half Norwegian; I claim a special affinity to the pants.

*Lindsey Vonn is too unbelievably cute. Shouldn't be allowed.

*Kim Yu Na is the most amazing thing on ice I've ever seen and was a joy to watch. I did so with my mouth hanging open.

*Joannie Rochette is a beautiful example of grace and perseverance under extreme pressure and grief. What a lady. And a strong one.

*Gerald Imber wrote a book on William Halsted, America's "first" surgeon, entitled Genius on the Edge. In the book, Imber talks about how in the early days of anesthetic during dentistry, cocaine was used as a local. Um, yeah. Something tells me people didn't mind going to the dentist in those days. ;-) On a more serious note, though, the book looks absolutely amazing and I'll be buying it soon. Here's a link, if you're interested.

*First Haiti, then Chile. I am mindful of the fact that I live, literally, on a fault line. My home was built in the 40s. I hope to be able to find a sturdy doorway that will shield me...otherwise, please remember me fondly. (And may it not happen until both of my daughters are paramedics. I like to think of them as rescuers.)

*The Ogden Temple is going to receive a facelift over the next couple of years. I am ok with this, because the original design of the building has been totally botched, anyway. The architect designed the Provo and Ogden temples to be symbolic of the Lord leading the children of Israel out of Egypt. They were led with a "cloud by day" and "pillar (of fire) by night." The body of the temple's building itself was to represent the cloud, and the spire, which was originally painted gold, to represent the pillar of fire. Well, a couple of years ago a statue of Moroni was added to the spire, which was fine, of course, but THEY PAINTED THE SPIRE WHITE. Totally ruined it for me. I now look at the redesign pictures with anticipation. It's going to be beautiful.

Well, now that I spewed all of that, I feel better. Please feel free to agree or disagree. And have a fabulous March! I'm so glad we're done with January and February. Spring is in the air! My five-year-old said this morning, "Mom! The birds are back!"

So true- hallelujah, the birds are back!


Courtney Price said...

Good post :) I agree with a lot. I did have to laugh about the temple part though... have you seen Baptists at Our Barbecue? The part where the mom is like, "I just hope you choose the right temple to be married in... some of them are so boxy! And some don't even have the angel Moroni on the top... oops!" :) Too funny!

Wendi said...

Hi Nancy,

I saw your blog on a friends-Natalie Anderson G. I hope you don't mind me taking a minute to make a comment on your blog.

I just wanted to you that you have an AWESOME Dad. You may hear that a lot. I had him at Weber in Family Studies. I graduated in 2000, and still think of Dr. Campbell often. He truly made an impression on me for life. I felt that he truly cared about me. I loved being a student of his and was so excited each time I knew he was teaching a class. He's such a great man!

I have also read a some of your books and you are great!!!

take care,

Wendi Pinkham Maney

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

First of all, Courtney, I drove by the temple today and laughed out loud when I remembered your comments here! So funny.

And Wendi- WOW! Thank you so much! I think my dad is wonderful and I'm so glad to hear it from other people, too. :-) Truly, thank you, that totally makes my day. Thanks,also, for the comments on my books. Add me as a friend on facebook! Maybe I'll go look you up right now...