Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Location, location, location

I'm always amazed at how much setting determines my plot. I just took a pretty major turn in Webb 3--we'll call it Crazy in Greece, for now--and it's because of something I stumbled upon when I was looking in my travel guidebook on Greece. I've been a little stalled in the story, and when that happens I know I need to go back and research my setting. Now my characters are off to a different city and a different set of circumstances.

One drawback. I have to edit out a bunch of crap. I do hate the delete key!

It's a Breaking Dawn extravaganza!

So my friend, Karlene Browning, is hosting an awesome bridal/baby shower for Bella on her site, Inksplasher, and I get to be a sponsor! There are prizes galore and fun to be had by all. (My prize will be a copy of each of my Isabelle Webb novels, which are wonderful and romantic and mysterious and take place in India and Egypt.)

I was enchanted by Stephenie Meyer's ability to spin a good yarn when I read Twilight, and I envy her success in a very healthy way. :-) She's an amazing storyteller. And I'm a fan of anyone who can get people to read in droves.

Ok, so in terms of whether or not I'm in the Edward camp or the Jacob camp, I have to say that if I'm reading the books, I'm an Edward girl. If I'm watching the movies, I'm a Jacob girl. I'm sure Mr. Pattinson is very nice and all, but he wasn't my choice for Edward. Not really sure who would fill that role to my expectations, actually. Such perfection probably doesn't exist. :-)

Have fun with the shower, and again, check out Inksplasher daily!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hard at work...

My brainstorming pages get messy...


I'm officially signed up for NaNoWriMo and am very committed! I've never done this before and I'm looking forward to using it to help me get Webb 3 finished.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Win an iPad 2!

Josi is awesome, and so are her books! I'm in her critique group and have the privilege of hearing the stories as they develop--I can honestly say that I find myself so looking forward to each new installment. So here's the official announcement:

In conjunction with the release of Pumpkin Roll the author, Josi S. Kilpack, and the publisher, Shadow Mountain, are sponsoring a contest for a new iPad. To enter, leave a comment in the comment section of this blog before November 1, 2011. Winners will be announced and notified November 3rd 2011.

For additional ways to enter, go to www.josiskilpack.com

I'm still alive...

Still writing, still editing, busy, but good. I will post something useful soon, I promise. Don't give up on me!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Dave Farland is the master of motivation

I'm a subscriber to Dave Farland's "Daily Kick," which are emails filled with all kinds of good writing advice. I came across a good one the other day and it was just what I needed to see. Sometimes it's easy to try and settle, or just play it safe. It can be scary to throw it all out there, to go big or go home. Because really, who wants to go home?

Anyway. Here's the quote:

"Don't think in small terms. Don't say to yourself, 'I just want to write a comfortable little story.' If you want to be comfortable, get a government job, or marry well. Don't try to write for a living."

Which is certainly not to say that there's anything wrong with a government job or marrying well. But if you want to write, really write for a living, you can't be timid. I've learned that myself. Think I just needed a reminder. Thank you, Dave.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

People are so nice

I had an awesome signing at the Ogden Seagull Book store last Saturday. It was Celebrating Sisterhood day, which meant good crowds and fun prizes. I sat next to Kevin Wasden, illustrator of the new series, Hazzardous Universe, written by Julie Wright. We had a nice time chatting and met some really nice people.

Which brings me to my point: people really are, for the most part, nice. When folks approach me at a signing with a slightly tattered copy of one of my books, it makes me feel so good. I tell them so, when they express that they've enjoyed reading my stuff, and I wish I could think of something wonderful and unique to say to really let them know how touched I am. "Thank you!" just doesn't seem adequate. Because I really am thankful.

When you write, you throw your whole self out there into the world and say, "Please, love me." I don't think there's ever been a person in the world who produced something that took time and effort, secretly hoping people would hate it. And while it's true that not everyone will love the same things, it means so much to hear from people who have looked at what you've done and expressed appreciation for it.

So if you're ever wondering whether or not you should approach a writer, or an artist, or anyone, for that matter, who's produced something you've enjoyed, trust me. Tell them. You may get a response that sounds canned, or rehearsed, but I can guarantee that with maybe very few exceptions, it's genuine. Trying to make a living by selling a product to others doesn't work well if those on the receiving end don't like it. So when people tell me they like what I've written, it's a very big deal. It means the world.

So, in a nutshell, THANK YOU. Truly.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Book bigamy? Why yes, thank you, I will indulge.

So I got a Kindle for Christmas.

I know. I know! But I love it, I do. It's been the most amazingly fun toy I've received in a long time. I have a gazillion books at my fingertips and if I'm not in the mood for the one I was reading last night, hey, I can switch at the push of a button.

I swore I'd remain a purist, and I did, for a long time. But I've found, to my delight, that there's room for both ebooks and the real physical thing in my heart. For books that I don't really care to own but do want to read, the Kindle is great. What's more, I can put it in my purse and read any old thing I want while waiting in line, waiting in the car, waiting...waiting...waiting...

But for those books whose mere physical makeup is a work of art, in whom I must underline, ponder, turn pages and smell, those are the books I will still enjoy owning and buying. I confess, I was a bit worried at first because I fell so in love with my Kindle, and so quickly, that I wouldn't care about going book browsing anymore...(What? What?)

But I went to lunch with some of my favorite author friends the other day--well, ok, I'll name drop-- Jennie Hansen, Kerry Blair, Gale Sears and Cheri Crane, and after chatting and laughing, we went to Barnes and Noble because sweet Kerry wanted to buy my newest book so I could sign it for her. She made a fuss in the store as I signed her book ("It's such a good thing the author is right here to sign this for me! There are a couple more on the shelf; you'd better grab them soon...") and I was blushing and laughing.

The thing that I loved so much about being in the store, though, was the euphoria I felt looking at all of the new releases--the artwork, the fonts, the covers, the smell. It was as though an old lover had taken me back despite my infidelity. I was in heaven.

I bought Sarah Ban Breathnach's Peace and Plenty, Cheri Priest's awesome steampunk, The Boneshaker, and the most recent issue of Writer's Digest magazine, which is my favorite writer's reference of all.

It was delightful and heady and I felt like a very happy bigamist as I rode home on the train with my Kindle in my purse and Sarah's new book open in my lap. The experience would have been utter bliss if I hadn't fallen asleep as I was trying to read, which is no reflection on the book, itself. It was the lull of the blasted train.

Good thing I wasn't driving. :-)