Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Location, location, location

I'm always amazed at how much setting determines my plot. I just took a pretty major turn in Webb 3--we'll call it Crazy in Greece, for now--and it's because of something I stumbled upon when I was looking in my travel guidebook on Greece. I've been a little stalled in the story, and when that happens I know I need to go back and research my setting. Now my characters are off to a different city and a different set of circumstances.

One drawback. I have to edit out a bunch of crap. I do hate the delete key!

It's a Breaking Dawn extravaganza!

So my friend, Karlene Browning, is hosting an awesome bridal/baby shower for Bella on her site, Inksplasher, and I get to be a sponsor! There are prizes galore and fun to be had by all. (My prize will be a copy of each of my Isabelle Webb novels, which are wonderful and romantic and mysterious and take place in India and Egypt.)

I was enchanted by Stephenie Meyer's ability to spin a good yarn when I read Twilight, and I envy her success in a very healthy way. :-) She's an amazing storyteller. And I'm a fan of anyone who can get people to read in droves.

Ok, so in terms of whether or not I'm in the Edward camp or the Jacob camp, I have to say that if I'm reading the books, I'm an Edward girl. If I'm watching the movies, I'm a Jacob girl. I'm sure Mr. Pattinson is very nice and all, but he wasn't my choice for Edward. Not really sure who would fill that role to my expectations, actually. Such perfection probably doesn't exist. :-)

Have fun with the shower, and again, check out Inksplasher daily!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hard at work...

My brainstorming pages get messy...


I'm officially signed up for NaNoWriMo and am very committed! I've never done this before and I'm looking forward to using it to help me get Webb 3 finished.

Wish me luck!