Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Webb 3 and new projects

Progress! Webb 3 is nearing completion and almost ready to submit. I've had a lot going on with this book--life has intruded in a big way, and some of the huge time span between this and The Pharaoh's Daughter has been out of my control, and admittedly some within it. Sometimes it's just so much easier to not write.

Because writing is hard. The guilt that claws at my gut when I don't do it, though, is just as hard to deal with. I hate a day that passes without much writing done as much as I hate sitting down when the muse is nowhere to be seen. She's a beeotch, the muse. Fickle and self-aggrandizing. She thinks we all need her.

(Wow, did I just say all that out loud? Pay no attention to the crazy woman behind the curtain. She's getting ready for her daughter's wedding at the end of the month and realizing she hates dealing with details.)

The most exciting thing of all--other than the wedding, of course--is that when I finish Webb 3, I'm going to begin a new project in an entirely new-to-me genre and I'm thrilled about it. I'll post more details as soon as I can--it's going to be very cool.

Until then, wish me luck, and tell the muse to get over herself and come sit on my shoulder. :-)