Thursday, September 19, 2013

Timeless Romance Anthology--European Collection!

I have a historical novella coming out in November in the Timeless Romance Anthology and I'm so excited! My story is set in Venice and I've had so much fun writing it. Here's a link to the site:
And I'm in good company--also featured in this collection are: Heather Moore, Sarah Eden, Annette Lyon, Michelle Paige, and G.G. Vandagriff.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A major award!

I've received word that Isabelle Webb: The Grecian Princess, has been nominated for a Whitney Award! The awards take place in May each year, and so far, all three Isabelle books have been nominated. I'm so glad that this one wasn't forgotten, because Isabelle has been with me for a long time. She made an appearance in my first Civil War book (A House Divided) and just about took over the entire series. She was one of many (many!) characters, and she came to life as soon as I did research on Pinkerton and realized he employed women spies. When that four-volume series ended, Isabelle was my breath of fresh air. I needed to write something light and fun, so I sent Isabelle and her young friend, Sally, to India, where they met a handsome American who was looking for his missing brother...

And then they went to Egypt in The Pharaoh's Daughter, where they made more friends and had more danger and much romance ensued.

And then, they went to Greece to finish off the mystery/Indiana Jones-esque running around. With still more romance ensuing.

By the time I was finally reaching the end of Grecian Princess, I was ready to be done with the series and decided to throw rocks at my characters. (Advice from Josi Kilpack, who not only throws rocks at her characters, she dips them in hot lava first. The characters and the rocks.) I started hucking really big rocks around--people got shot, stabbed, poisoned, beat up, feverishly sick and nearly drowned. I felt the power of the pen and it was delicious! I was ready to kill them all!

And then there were two parts that had me in tears. Without giving too much away, there's a point in that third book when Isabelle finally breaks. And it broke my heart. The girl is tough--she's been to hell and back--and seeing her suffer was hard, and it surprised me. (Don't worry--it's a romance. It all ends well.) And I cried again when I wrote the last line. I've known Isabelle Webb for 12 years, and as much as I thought I was sick of her and ready to kiss her goodbye with a big smack, I realized how much I've loved her and the adventures she got to experience. She has been so much fun, and I miss her.

So yay for Isabelle and her third nomination! It should be stated here that the other two times I lost, I lost to good friends and people I admire, so this really hasn't been a bitter thing for me. I'm just so glad that Isabelle gets one more chance to shine.